Don’t Be Professional

I’m gonna say something controversial. Bear with me. It’ll make sense.

If you’re a nonprofit, stop trying to be professional. I mean it. Stop it. Get that word out of your vocabulary.

You don’t want to be professional.

Do you know what happens when you try to be professional? You get stuff like…

“The mission of Some Nonprofit is to blah blah blah…”


Ugh! Who talks like that?

That’s how you sound when you go for “professional.” You sound wooden. You sound beige. You sound boring.

Is that what you want people to think? That you’re boring?

You’re not boring. So why do you let boring into your website, your blog, your e-mails, and your social media?

Stop trying to be professional. Get that word out of your vocabulary. And ditch “quality” and “excellence” too. If you’re not doing good work, your problems go deeper than what you say about it.

Don’t be professional.

Be genuine.

Be passionate.

Be caring.

Be funny.

Be imaginative.

Be what you are.