Here are some things people have worked with me have to say.

“Shawn is a passionate and eloquent advocate for a more inclusive, just and compassionate world. I admire her writing, both online and on the stage, and have been impressed with her determination and imagination as a producer. I look forward to following her career, and expect her to make a continued positive impact on the world around her.”

Gus Schulenburg, Director of Communications and Community Engagement at Theatre Communications Group

Shawn is one of the smartest and most enterprising and resourceful people I’ve come across in a long time. Passionate about her work as a writer, she is equally passionate about the theatre industry and arts industry as a whole—and she has a tremendous sense of how to organize, how to communicate, how to strategize, how to innovate, and how to be thoughtful and serious about change in an industry that is not always embracing of it.

Leonard Jacobs, Founding Editor of “The Clyde Fitch Report”

“Shawn is super awesome smart at this. Not only did she look over my entire site and gave me some wonderful recommendations, but she explained the reasoning behind them.”

Jamie Jeans, Creator of YouTube’s “Brain Food”